Updates on Firehouse 16

Fire Company 16 is the oldest standing firehouse in the city of Cincinnati.  It has been vacant since 1977, after (ironically) catching fire. Over the past few months, construction crews have been working hard to transform into a restaurant.  It will be the home of Fireside Pizza – a food truck that was featured at the Cincinnati Street Food Festival!  Construction is wrapping up and the space will be turned over to the business for a full kitchen build out.  A lot has been accomplished in just the past month alone.  Lights have been installed, the bricks have been sealed, construction is underway for a deck,  the oven was delivered (a very important part of making pizza), the bar was built out (a very important part of making craft beer), new windows were installed and – best of all – an old mural featuring the call numbers of all of the original fire houses in Cincinnati was restored. Not bad for a month’s work!