Targeted Community Assessment

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This draft report was prepared for Partners for a Competitive Workforce by the Community Building Institute

The full draft report can be viewed here. 

The Walnut Hills Snapshot can be viewed here.

Walnut Hills Population

  • Walnut Hills’ population decreased from 7,790 in 2000 to 6,495 in 2010. In 2012, the population is estimated to have decreased to 5,902.
  • Walnut Hills makes up roughly 2% of the city of Cincinnati’s overall population.

wh population graph



Walnut Hills Unemployment Rate

  • A little more than one in four (25.7%) Walnut
    Hills adults that are in the labor force are
  •  Nearly one in two (45.2%) Walnut Hills young
    adults in the labor force are unemployed.
  •  The unemployment rate for young adults
    is a little less than twice that of the overall
    unemployment rate for all adults in Walnut
  •  Walnut Hills has the highest overall
    unemployment for adults and young adults

wh unemployment graph


Walnut Hills Unemployment by Age

  • The chart shows the percent of adults in the
    labor force by age group that are unemployed.
    The number indicates the total estimated
    number of unemployed for each age group.
  •  Young adults have the highest rate of
    unemployment in Walnut Hills.
  • A little more than one in five (21.1%) Walnut
    Hills adults aged 25 to 44 years old are
    unemployed. This age group accounts for the
    largest number of unemployed, followed by
    young adults.
  • Just over one in four (25.2%) of Walnut
    Hills adults aged 45 to 59 years old are

wh unemployment by age graph