Get involved in Walnut Hills and have a great time doing it

Big plans are in the works for 2013 in Walnut Hills, but it will be impossible to accomplish anything without the help of Walnut Hills residents and supporters like you. We’re talking about neighborhood clean-ups on Saturdays, litter pick-ups along E. McMillan St., the Cincinnati Street Food Festival, graffiti removal and other yet-to-be announced events. We don’t see this so much as us asking for help, but rather as letting you in on some cool opportunities. We just assume that we all WANT to do everything we can to make Walnut Hills better!

So for now, just click to EXPRESS INTEREST. No specific date commitments are needed right now, just give us an email address and area of interest so that we can contact you with specific opportunities to help out. Oh, and all the cool people are going to be there.

Upcoming Alley Clean-up Day: April 27th

Speaking of volunteer opportunities…Have you ever glanced down a forgotten alleyway and wished it was cleaned up and usable again? Now’s your chance to spend a few hours on a Saturday to make a tangible difference in the neighborhood.

Join our clean-up team on Saturday, April 27 from 9 am – noon to begin the transformation of the 5-point alley network between Gilbert and Copelen Streets. Each month throughout the Summer our team will focus on recapturing and reviving this unique asset in the neighborhood. In partnership with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, we will be busy sweeping leaves, pulling weeds, picking up litter, removing graffiti and trash, and removing honeysuckle in the area.  As well, we will spruce up our business district corridors on McMillan and Gilbert by mulching the tree beds and picking up litter.

Come be a part of making Walnut Hills beautiful!  If you are interested in helping out in April or throughout the Summer please sign up at the link above or email