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Real Estate & Economic Development

Landlocked Social House

The new coffee / craft beer shop opened early June and serves coffee, espresso, pastries, and light sandwiches. Right now they only offer coffee and baked goods, with craft beer coming soon. Check out their Facebook page here at : Landlocked Social House.

Brick Haus

The pop-up shop opened early this June as well, celebrating with a block party and live music. The MORTAR-affiliate store is run by a recent course graduate, and can be view here on their Facebook page: MORTAR Cincinnati.

Caffè Vivace

Coffee Shop, jazz lounge, and bar wrapped in one, Caffè Vivace announced that they will be opening in fall 2017.

Scholar House

The Walnut Hills Scholar House was announced in April! The video below is from Channel 9, showing one woman’s experience at the house in our neighboring city, Newport.