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"A Community Thrives" -USA TODAY grant opportunity

"A Community Thrives empowers communities by investing in educationarts & culture, or wellness related 

organizations. We give national exposure to local issues by tapping into the power of the USA TODAY NETWORK."  

We at the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation are applying for this grant to start bring

ing groceries back to Walnut Hills. Through our Crowdrise Fundraising Campaign, we must raise $6,000 to qualify for the larger grants, from $25,000 - $100,000. It all depends on how much we can raise between NOW and May 11th. 

Here's a little snapshot of our grant application: Peebles Corner Grocery 

"Our Crowdrise funds would be used to fund the build out and initial inventory of a small grocery store for perishables, including produce grown in our community gardens, eggs from local backyard chickens in the neighborhood, dairy and meat from locally sourced farmers, and bakery products donated from area bakeries and large grocery stores. These products would be priced affordably with lower income consumers in mind. Other produce would come from waste recovery efforts from local, larger grocery stores. We would feature a kitchen with soup making capability and create a community hub where neighbors could gather and chit chat, and learn about volunteer opportunities in the gardens... Peebles Corner Grocery would be housed in the same place that Kroger operated in for 35 years... and would include a Ride-Share bulletin board to assist neighbors in our food desert community to barter rides to the grocery store for the nonperishable foods that are bulkier and harder to manage on the bus...Lastly, we would include a station showing young parents (and grandparents) how to turn the beautiful produce into natural, organic baby food for our growing population."

Please donate today to our CrowdRise page to help Walnut Hills seize this transformative opportunity.