NBDIP Funding Request

NBDIP Major Project Request

Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation is requesting approximately $200,000 through the Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program (NBDIP) to fund streetscaping along East McMillan Street. In the past, WHRF partnered with the Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE) to lead an extensive community engagement process to inform streetscape improvements in the neighborhood. Based on that outreach and DOTE's recommendations, WHRF is requesting $200,000 to complete Phase II of the streetscape. The funding would cover improvements on the south side E. McMillan from Trevarren Flats to the SE Corner of Gilbert and E. McMillan, as well as improvements to the SW corner of Gilbert and E. McMillan to Comfort Station. See our presentation to WHAC by clicking here. 

NBDIP Minor Project Request

WHRF is requesting $30,000 through NBDIP to fund a gateway art installation. In 2017, WHRF partnered with ArtWorks to lead a community engagement and creative placemaking design process to inform four planned public works (murals, sculptures, or other) which would serve as placemarkers at four directional gateways into Peebles Corner Business District, spurring community activity and helping designate the Walnut Hills neighborhood and Peebles Corner business district as a creative place for residents and visitors alike. Phase 1 employed a team of four local youth apprentices who worked under the direction and mentorship of a lead local professional artist and designer to engage the Walnut Hills community in codesign. The team gathered 70 community surveys, conducted 11 video interviews, and held 12 events. Out of this process, four themes emerged. “Walnut Hills Is Alive” incorporates greenery to represent the life and growth of the community. “You Are Walnut Hills” uses mirrors to symbolize residents’ ownership of the neighborhood. “We Are Walnut Hills” incorporates a quilt-like, woven craft material to symbolize the strong sense of African American pride and culture in Walnut Hills. “Walnut Hills Hustle” uses light to represent the inventiveness, innovation, and bright future in store for the neighborhood. WHRF would use the $30,000 to plan the final design of the four artworks and to fully implement one of them.