Meet Yvonne

Meet our Economic Development & Design Officer: Yvonne Ballard.

Yvonne Ballard is a Cincinnati native with a major in Interior Design + Applied Science. People know her as the owner of NOVE home&body decor llc. Her certifications include City of Cincinnati MWBE, MBE, WBE, SBE. Graduate of the Turner’s Construction Management Program, MORTAR grad and Venue magazines -Lead Cincinnati, honoree Woman of Influence. She also received a certificate from GCMI’s entrepreneur program and is a current member of their Judge's Panel and Consultant In Support For Small Businesses. We are extremely excited to welcome her to our team - and we hope Walnut Hills welcomes her with open arms as she begins her journey in our neighborhood.

"NOVE home&body decor llc is a collaborative expression of interior design and fashion. How we live and what we wear relates to each of our lifestyles, culture and moral. Diversity and inclusion represents the cloth of how I see community. How does this translate to real estate / project management? Poverty stricken neighborhoods with low to middle class families are dear to my heart. I am a product of this demographic. My mission is to empower and Inspire through design and fashion. This means being part of improving blighted areas by utilizing my education of the real estate market, my talent for design and visualization. More importantly, identifying with the fashion of the people that live within this sector. My goal is not to simply make things pretty but to improve the quality of life. Safe, clean, colorful environments improve attitudes and good fashion improves confidence. I am a product of where I have lived, how I live and my presentation. Ultimately it’s how I share my gift that speaks to the legacy and commitment of my work to my new position with WHRF. I am excited to be a part of this community!"