Kroger Buy 25

Help create a better Kroger experience in Walnut Hills! Twice every month, come spend $25, drop your suggestions into our box, and strengthen the Walnut Hills community!

Vision:Kroger as a focal point in a vibrant Walnut Hills business district.
First step:Make the Kroger profitable.
Action:Spend $25 here every two weeks
When:Anytime! Participate at the Box at front of store.
Where:Walnut Hills Kroger
What:Spend $25 on groceries, express your concerns!

Background (Updated 11/30/12):

The Walnut Hills community is in a process of redevelopment, but many of our residents shop for groceries outside the community. Kroger will adapt to a changing market if the community supports the store. By organizing a community of local shoppers, the Buy 25 initiative will effectively communicate to Kroger that we want a change.

When we initiated the Kroger Buy 25 program in June our intentions were two-fold. First, it was intended to bring the Walnut Hills community together to support our local grocery store. In this respect the program has succeeded, bringing more Walnut Hills residents and supporters into the store more often. It’s been great to see and hear about more and more people shopping throughout the week as a result of their Tuesday evening Buy 25 experiences!

Our second goal with the Buy 25 program was to see improvements in the store, and here we have also made progress. In particular, we now have an organic produce section and expanded whole-wheat, organic and all-natural food selections. We have also seen a reduction in loitering along E. McMillan St., thanks in part to the conversion of the street to two-way traffic and a new right-hand turn lane into Kroger.

As we have observed these changes, and as people continue to shop on other days, the need for 2nd and 4th Tuesday events has diminished. During the upcoming holiday season we are going to take a break from setting up a table at the store. But to continue the program, there is now a “Buy 25 Box” inside Kroger near the entrance. Just fill out the card provided at the box and drop it  in whenever you shop. We will continue to use your responses to encourage Kroger to improve their products and shopping environment. We need your help to continue to push for positive change at our neighborhood grocery store!

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