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Music Off McMillan to reinforce creative placemaking in Walnut HillsSoapbox


Local developers recalibrate after losing historic building tax credits, Bussiness Courier


Road to Redevelopment: two nonprofits work to rehab neighborhood anchorsSoapbox

Neighborhood Heros: Sharing a Passion for Walnut HillsSoapbox


Breaks help revitalize Walnut Hills, Over the Rhine Cincinnati Enquirer

UrbanCincy covered the new transit hubs coming to Walnut Hills.

Soapbox did an article on Health and Wellness Wednesdays and the Concord Street garden.


The Enquirer published an op-ed about inclusive development in Walnut Hills, coauthored by the presidents of WHAC, WHBG,  and WHRF.

WCPO reported on a health survey released by Interact For Health and on the new wellness initiative on Wednesdays.

5chw4r7z blog on our office grand opening.



PopCity Media mentioned Walnut Hills in an article about community-police partnerships.


The Enquirer covered the NEP in Walnut Hills.

The Business Courier covered the NEP and the St James Pocket Park.

The Business Courier covered the possible two-way conversion in East Walnut Hills.


Trevarren Flats is listed in Soapbox as a Top 10 Development Project to look forward to.

WCPO reports on Fred Orth receiving the CDCA Volunteer of the Year award.

WNKU shared the Great Lakes Volunteer event at the Concord Street Garden.

Soapbox covered Relocal, the Cincinnati Preservation Society and rightsizing in Walnut Hills.


The Business Courier covers the sale of the French Building.

WCPO reported on the ReLocal study.

5chw4r7z blog on the Cincinnati Street Food Festival.

UbranCincy covered the Cincinnati Street Food Festival.


The Business Courier and Soapbox reported on the Thriving Communities grant Walnut Hills received.

Soapbox reported on the Findlay Market Farmstand.

5chw4r7z blog on the Five Points Alley biergarten.


WLWT covered the Findlay Market Farmstand in Walnut Hills.

The Business Courier did a story on the development around the Firehouse.


Fox 19 did a story on  the police overtime hours.

Urban Cincy previewed the We Are Walnut Hills festival

The Huffington Post picked up Soapbox Cincinnati’s article on the Five Points Alley.


Courtis Fuller from Channel 5 did a story on the transformation of the Five Points Alley.

5chw4r7z covered our Five Points Alley results session.

Soapbox did a story on revitalizing allies across the country and featured the Five Points Alley.

Soapbox Cincinnati covered our Five Points Alley Community visioning session.


Fox19 did a story on the possibility of the Windsor School being added to the historic landmark list.

An album produced at Walnut Hills’ monastery studios was featured in CityBeat


Soapbox Cincinnati has an in depth story on the NEP. did a story on the Hotel Manse.

Soapbox Cincinnati covered Walnut Hills being selected as an NEP.


Local 12 did a story on the improvement in Walnut Hills and featured Board Chair Kathryne Gardette

UrbanCincy  did a story on Form Based Code



Soapbox published a story on the move of the police substation to the Redpoint on McMillan. reported on Community Entertainment Districts and featured Firehouse 16.

UrbanCincy reported on the success of the 2013 Cincy Street Food Festival and neighborhood potential
Soapbox mentioned Walnut Hills in discussion of Community Building Institute‘s new Neighborhood Asset-mapping Tool

UrbanCincy published a piece about the Street Food Festival.
WCPO did a preview of the Street Food Festival.
5chw4r7z did a write up on the Street Food Festival.
WCPO did  a piece on the Street Food Festival.
The following media did a story on the renovation of Firehouse 16:

The Business Courier announced that there are plans to turn the Firehouse into a restaurant.
5chw4r7z did another neat blog post on the Five Points Biergarten.
UrbanCincy did a blog post on the upcoming meet-up with Hinge.

Five Points Biergarten Helps Beautify Community (Fox 19)
Bike Commuting through Walnut Hills (Enquirer)
CincyWhimsy mentioned Walnut Hills in 31 ways to tell you’re from Cincinnati.
Executive Director Kevin Wright shows off the City’s new app for reporting code violations in this Fox 19 story.

New Way to Look at Zoning
Hinge upcycles, recycles vintage pieces

Urban Resurrection

Project underway to redevelop alleys of Walnut Hills


UrbanCincy Podcast Episode #17: Kevin Wright of Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation
Bayer Becker symposium awakens Cincinnati neighborhoods

Qualls Urges HUD to Stop Sale of Housing Units

Walnut Hills awarded $1.8 million to renovate three historic buildings

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