Healthy Thursdays!

Register here for the Go Vibrant Million Step Challenge We are competing with four other neighborhoods to get the most steps in. The winner receives a piece of exercise equipment for their rec center. Let's get moving! Walking groups are available at 7:30am every morning, Monday-Friday beginning at the Brew House. Bring your dog!

Cooking classes are being held on Thursdays at 4:30 at the Bush Rec Center. Have a bite to eat with us and learn how to make your traditional recipes even healthier.

Findlay Market Farmstand is open every Thursday from 4-7.

Community gardens are thriving. Most of them have open gardening on Saturday mornings. Pull a few weeds and take home some produce, grown with organic methods, as fresh as locally sourced as you can get.

Cincinnati Neighborhood Games will be on June 18 at Ashland Park.