Food Access Update 9/17

Harvest Days with Wheelhouse Cincy

Every Monday, our Healthy Outreach Coordinator hosts Harvest Days at the old Kroger lot with produce available for sale and bike mechanics from Wheelhouse Cincy, who provide free bicycle service (they are done for the season, but check back next Spring and you'll see them!) You can expect prices like those listed below, and you can use your SNAP card and receive a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10 thanks to Produce Perks Midwest.

Green Zucchini $0.75
Red Basil $0.75
Lettuce (Magenta) $1.35/Head
Lettuce (Nevada) $1.35/Head
Beets (Chioggia) $1.80/Bunch
Chard (Rainbow) $1.80/Bunch
Kale $1.80/Bunch
Carrots $1.85/Bunch
Leeks $1.95/lb
Pullet Eggs $2.00/carton
Chives $0.75/Bunch
Tomatoes (Red) $1.50/lb
Tomatoes (Yellow) $1.50/lb