Creative Placemaking Update 8/18

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Macy’s Volunteer Day
Macy’s volunteers came to Walnut Hills and prepared our educational campus for the new school year. Frederick Douglass Elementary School, Spencer Center for Gifted and Exceptional Students, and Bush Recreation Center all saw vast improvements and beautification. A huge thanks to everyone that made this happen at United Way of Greater Cincinnati and Macy’s.


Engrafted Word Outreach Ministries & The Freestore Foodbank teamed up to deliver vegetables, fruit and clothing to the Walnut Hills residents. The old Kroger lot had a long line ready early Saturday morning August 11th. This will continue to happen 10/13, 11/10, 12/8, 1/12, 2/16, at 11am. Location will be announced soon!


We Lead has been active all summer in the neighborhood. They meet monthly to plan activities in the neighborhood. Recently youth name the group WE LEAD and designed their own logo. They have taken on task such as, upkeep with the business district flower pots, trash pick up, attending community meetings, organizing events and much more. Want to get your youth involved? Want to volunteer? Were looking for more adults who have a passion to lead youth. Reach out to to get signed up.


May Street Orchard has been blooming good eats throughout the summer. Thanks to Jostin for our new shelter being built in the orchard, it’s coming along well.  Contact for more info.


Walnut Wheels is officially up, running and coming to engage at a corner near you in the neighborhood! Thanks to our partners at DPMT7 and Reverb Art + Design, we  were able to complete the build out of the truck and the exterior design.  Contact for more details on community programming for the truck and ways you can get involved with it.