Creative Placemaking Update 7/17

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ArtWorks! Youth Apprentices & Gateway Signage

ArtWorks presents Walnut Hills CDS: Community Design Studio! These talented young artists are using strategic mapping and engagement strategies to form a design for gateway signage (picture murals, sculptures, or just colorful signs that say "Welcome to Walnut Hills!", etc.), engaging pedestrians and WH residents to give their input, asking questions like "what does art mean to you?", "Whats your favorite color?", and "If you could describe Walnut Hills with one word, what would it be?". Interested in learning more? Want to help shape the design? Call Kailah at (513) 748-0966 to get involved.

Artist Researcher Recap

After a long couple of months, four artist researchers showcased their individual work around segregation and its cultural impact as a group: Alan Haley's mini-documentary on Walnut Hills Residents, Michael Ellison's photo gallery at Green Man Park, Herschal Johnson's identity sculpture at the Walnut Hills Library, and Ben Thomas's mural design at The Monastery. Their exhibits and continued work, including the mural to come, will soon be available to preview and purchase (specially Ellison's photos). Want to get involved? Email our Community Coordinator, Aprina Johnson, at