Creative Placemaking Update 2/18

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A team of passionate individuals, with help from our organization, are coordinating a party to launch the new Walnut Hills Youth Council on February 23rd at the Bush Rec Center, 7-8:30pm. Live music, cash prizes, and pizza will help make this night a hit! Contact Community Coordinator Aprina Johnson, (513) 704-5580, for more information or to get involved!


Food First: Listening Session & Garden Planning: Do you remember the Abundance Box event hosted this past summer? Park Street and Abundance Box are back and hosting a free listening session and seminar focused on community, health, and agriculture on February 17th from 1-4pm in the MillerGardette Building (across from Fireside Pizza on East McMillan and Copelen). Seats are limited, so contact Park Street today for more information!


This funky looking yellow van will help our staff and Walnut Hills residents host events, develop relationships, and spread important information throughout the community. Right now the Van is getting a makeover so it can be used for tons of different stuff. Interested in using it for a program, or know someone who would? Take the survey here.


The Walnut Hills Little League is still accepting donations for their spring kick off! Contact Toni Miller, Walnut Hills Area Council President, at to make donations, or ask about it at the next Walnut Hills Area Council Meeting. Want to coach, volunteer, or sign your children up? Contact George Smith at

With all this crazy winter weather, Love You Block is taking a break... but they're still looking for members! Walnut Hills resident Leonard Jackson is looking for more people to join his neighborhood cleanup group, Love Your Block. Call (513) 592-7077 or join the
Public Group on Facebook by the same name.