Creative Placemaking 2/19

Creative Placemaking Update


I Love Me!

On Valentine’s Day we were out with Walnut Wheels and Trinidad celebrating self love. The first stop was at Frederick Douglass school and the kids were so excited that they ran toward the truck as soon as school let out. Youth were given pins and a sweet treat.  After that, we drove to the Walnut Hills Public Library and gave away hot chocolate, and last we went to the Kroger parking lot with more hot chocolate and community conversation.



We are growing!  Seedlings, that is, to go in the business district flower pots.  Flower pots need three things to be a striking display.  They need a Thrill, a Fill, and a Spill. We are growing sweet potato slips for the Spill, patio tomatoes for the Thrill, and peppers and pansies for the Fill, to add color and beauty to our food growing pots.  Last year, we planted our first food bearing plants in the pots, and not one tomato or pepper went to waste, so we’re doing it again this year!  We will be planting the pots on April 20, if you would like to come out and get your hands dirty.  Email if you are interested.

Visiting our Neighbors!

Walnut Wheels ventured out of its cozy confines to support I❤#MadisonvilleDay! at Plant Cincinnati. Delicious sweet potato soup, hot coffee, 17 degree weather, and good neighbors.

The WHRF values the work of our residents. An artist we previously worked with has now ventured into Spencer School. Herschel Marvin Johnson helped lead the youth in designing this signage for their school. His work is giving the youth ownership over their school and community, while also letting them tap into their budding craftsmanship.