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Community Meetings & Events


Community Building Institute Partners with WHRF

The City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County are collaborating to look across the region and identify barriers to fair housing.  Fair housing laws in the United States make it illegal to discriminate against people based on race, color, religion, place of national origin, sex, family status or disability in their choice of housing.  Every so often cities and counties are asked by the federal government to review their local housing markets and identify any barriers to fair housing or discrimination that may be taking place, and to recommend changes that might improve people’s options.  The Community Building Institute (CBI) is working with the City and the County to identify unfair and illegal housing practices in our area.  An important part of this work is to hear from all kinds of people in the region about how they are finding housing, how their housing works for them and how easy it is to move when they want to. As the housing market changes in Cincinnati, many organizations are asking questions about the housing insecurities in our neighborhoods. Community Building Institute has been partnering with organizations to have open conversations about how residents of Cincinnati are accessing the housing market. 9 residents, from very different housing situations sat and share in their experiences.

The Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation is partnering with the Community Building Institute to host a focus group with residents and stakeholders in the Walnut Hills community to learn more about the experiences of our residents.  If you have stories and experiences to share about accessing housing in the Walnut Hills community and the larger region, we hope you will join us on February 4th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm 656 East McMillan. All residents are welcome. To RSVP for the focus group please contact Aprina Johnson at 513-704-5580. If you have any questions about the Fair Housing Assessment, please contact Emma Shirey at the Community Building Institute at or (513) 745-3935.


Love Bites and Pins Community Event

Empowering resident leadership is a focus of the WHRF. We value the talents of our community members, and we provide a platform for them to showcase their unique skills. This Valentines Day make sure you interact with Walnut Wheels at the different locations in the above map for Love Bites & Pins!!

Tree Cycling in Green Man Park

We held our first TreeCycle chipping event on Saturday, January 5 at Green Man Park in cooperation with JoAnn Morse and Geoff Sutton. Residents brought their Christmas trees/wreaths and we made wood chips to mulch the Park’s rain garden. Walnut Wheels was on hand with salsa, hummus, and chips (get it? chips). Looking for a place to recycle trees next year? Contact


Housing Task Force Meeting

This is a resident led monthly meeting, to dive into housing issues inside of the Walnut Hills community. Join the table next month for great conversation and connections. Click photo for more info.