HGC Christmas

What: Christmas on Stanton 50th Anniversaryhgc

Who: Santa Claus visits Walnut Hills neighborhood, courtesy of HGC Group of Companies and its employees

When: 11 a.m. Saturday, December 17, 2016

Where: 2814 Stanton Avenue, in Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills neighborhood

Details: Each Christmas, HGC invites children of the neighborhood and their families, more than 300 people, to gather for gift bags and photos with Santa.  While the neighborhood has continued to evolve since the tradition began 50 years ago, HGC’s connection with the community remains strong.

“Christmas on Stanton has been a part of my life for over 27 years. As a child growing up in Walnut Hills, I always looked forward to seeing Santa with my siblings. It was an exciting time of the year with my grandmother and the rest of my family,” says Chanel Sanders.  “My favorite part was my picture with Santa and my bag with goodies. I look forward to building new traditions with my own family at Christmas on Stanton and enjoying all the joy that the Christmas season brings,” she continued.

Not only is this a special tradition for neighborhood residents, but many members of the HGC team have participated in this tradition since they were children, as well.

“I have been coming to Christmas on Stanton for 20 years as the son of a long-time employee.  Now as an adult, working at HGC, I’m able to appreciate the camaraderie and joy it brings to the neighborhood and employees alike. It really is a great party,” says HGC Project Manager Kevin Gilbert.

Look for Santa to arrive at 11 a.m. in the festively decorated courtyard of HGC Corporate Headquarters.

HGC Christmas


High Five your neighbors in Walnut Hills!

High Fives is a project that was formed out of a series of meetings with Design Impact and community members. The goal of the project is to get neighbors to find positive things about one another, and then celebrate it! Residents here in Walnut Hills led and engaged their fellow neighbors in this sign posting adventure on December 2nd. A diverse group of community residents of all ages and backgrounds met at the Bush Recreation Center to pick up and design their sign before venturing out in the neighborhood to place them in their neighbors yards or their favorite businesses' window!

Do you want to High Five your neighbor? Contact aprina@walnuthillsrf.org.


REACH homes have landed

REACH homes have landed in Walnut Hills

The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority's Rehab Across Cincinnati & Hamilton County (REACH) program has landed in Walnut Hills! The first three homes are now on site at Morgan Street. Take a walk around the neighborhood to see how close they are to Fireside Pizza, Five Points, Gomez, Beck's Hardware, and the Concord Community Garden! 

Interested in becoming a REACH homeowner in Walnut Hills? Contact Coldwell Banker West Shell Realtors Mark Dehler, 513-373-7922 or Sonya Rose, 513-460-7655.

REACH homes have landed

Walnut Hills Kroger

Walnut Hills is experiencing tremendous momentum. Over the past two years, many have lauded the multi-million dollar investments in buildings but equally important to us is investing in people. We pride ourselves on building up from within, taking an inclusive approach that values all members of the community - especially our most vulnerable.  

This is why today is such a tough day for all of us.

After almost 30 years in the neighborhood, Kroger has announced that they are shutting their doors. We were disappointed to hear this news. While we knew this outcome was a possibility, we are startled by the abrupt nature of this announcement. Particularly because over the last few years we have taken a proactive approach to improving and retaining the store.  

Our strategy started with Buy 25 Tuesdays, an effort that measurably increased revenue for the store, improved food options and ultimately prevented the store from closing in 2012. We then worked with the City to purchase over a dozen buildings around the store, including the historic Paramount building and the buildings that are now known as Trevarren Flats.

For a generation Kroger has served as an asset in our community in terms of food accessibility. In the midst of our growth, we will now have to wrestle with what this will mean for our residents. We recognize that this loss will greatly impact some of our community, and inconvenience many more. We recognize that some will have to travel further to get food, and that for the many residents without access to transportation, even more hurdles will be presented.

In light of this loss, we also see opportunity – opportunity to re-envision food access in our neighborhood in a way that best meets the needs of all. Over the coming weeks and months you will be seeing announcements about our strategies related to food access. We’ve been preparing for this day. Our neighborhood is fortunate to have so many that are passionate about food and its tool as a community builder; our community gardening among other efforts just became that much more important. We are a tenacious neighborhood that has a rich history of creatively tackling challenges just like this one. We are committed to our vision of a Walnut Hills that is vibrant, safe, healthy and inclusive for all - and this will not slow us down.

Kevin Christina Signatures


Kevin Wright,                Christina Brown,
Executive Director        Board President


Walnut Hills Kroger