Youth Ambassadors had a great summer!

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Last Friday marked the end of the Summer for our Youth Ambassadors. This marked the end of a successful pilot program that matched 12 local youth (ages 14-18) with several local businesses. Every week the youth worked at a local business Monday – Thursday and then spent Friday being Ambassadors to Walnut Hills! Below is a list of the group’s accomplishments:

  •  Utilized a Community Engagement Board to gather community input about the growth of the neighborhood
  • Worked with the City to learn how to report building code violations
  • Worked with the neighborhood beautification committee to re-mulch tree beds in the commercial corridor
  • Initiated and participated in trash clean ups
  • Had weekly lunches with a civic leader who spoke with them about the importance of being a community leader
  • Actively participated in the creation and design process of the Crosswalk Art Installation at the corner of Kemper and E. McMillian during Cincinnati – – Summer Streets
  • Worked with a professional youth development consultant that focused on problem solving and character building
  • Presented their work to Cincinnati City Council’s Human Service, Youth and Arts Committee

The goal of the program was to provide youth from our neighborhood with the opportunity to develop work experience and provide service to their community. After only seven weeks of programming the twelve youth ambassadors have evolved in way the RF did not anticipate. It was a wonderful Summer!

The youth ambassadors will give a brief presentation at the Walnut Hills Area Council meeting on August 14, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Please come hear about their eventful summer and help us congratulate them on a job well done!

youth ambassador at reds game